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You´re in good hands.
The entire team is at your side every step of the way.
You´re in good hands.
The entire team is at your side every step of the way.

Our Team of Professionals

Whatever your dental needs may be, our team of industry professionals gives you the best possible treatment. Our trained dental assistants and hygienists make sure that your teeth and gums look their best. Dr. Beat R. Kurt, Dr. Daniela Kuster and Dr. Helena Walker bring years of experience to their craft and are here to assist you with a variety of dental procedures.


Dental hygienist

Dental assistant

Dr. Beat R. Kurt

Specialist for Oral Surgery (SSO – Swiss Dental Association)
Oral Implantology (WBA)
Core Competencies
  • Referral Practice for Oral Surgery
  • Complex reconstructive dentistry
  • Synoptic dentistry
  • Implantology
  • Guided implant surgery
  • Soft tissue management
  • Bone augmentation

Dr. Daniela Kuster

Dentist (SSO – Swiss Dental Association)
General dentistry
  • Synoptic dentistry
  • Oral surgery, Implantology
  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Lachgassedation
I am excited to be working with such a fabulous group of colleagues. I offer each of my patients the best treatment available in general dentistry.

Dr. Helena Walker

Dentist (SSO – Swiss Dental Association)
Master of Science in Parodontologie und Implantatherapie
  • Periodontology, peri-implantitis therapy
  • General synoptic dentistry
  • Invisalign
I joined with great joy and excitment as the for now last member of this team of doctors. A wide array of interests and experiences, which I earned in different doctors offices, allows me to cover a wide field of dental medicine.

Lone Stirnimann

I work diligently to help create a congenial and welcoming environment for each of my patients undergoing dental cleaning at our practice.

Alesia Schürmann

I have always placed the needs and comfort of my patients as the highest priority. I am passionate about delivering the best possible service for everyone receiving dental cleanings.

Carla Peyer

I am proud to combine my extensive experience as a dental hygienist with years of compassionate patient treatment in order to provide you the most comfortable experience possible.

Brigitte Niederberger

I have been committed to high-standards of professionalism and dental practice since my arrival at our practice, and I am thrilled to continue serving our patients on a daily basis.

Vreni Odermatt

I am proud of my extensive record of professional experience and superb performance, and will continue to work diligently to help distinguish our practice within the industry and community.

Sandra Kiser

I am committed to the well-being of our visitors. They should feel comfortable from the beginning till aftercare.

Sandra Jauch

Each visitor is unique and has the right to get individual care. I ensure every day that this is truth in our practice.

Melanie Furrer

I am proud to provide essential support and services to all members of our team while continuing to further my own knowledge and experience.

Hasije Mehmedi

Dentalassistant in training
Coming soon

Ariana Balazhi

Dentalassistant in training
Coming soon

Our Services

General Dentistry
Annual Dental Check-Ups
Aesthetic Dentistry
Reconstructive Dentistry
Oral Surgery

We help you maintain the best possible oral health.

Thanks to cleanings and professional examinations, you can rest assured that your teeth and gums are cared for properly.

Your annual check-up helps you keep your teeth and gums in optimal health. You also benefit from the various cleaning services provided by our dental hygienists.

Maintaining healthy gums is an essential component of your general dental hygiene and recurring preventative care.

Protect your gums, remove plaque and ensure that your teeth remain strong.

When you decide to develop your perfect smile, you receive more than just medical benefits.

A boost to your self-confidence and overall a feeling of enhanced well-being helps you live a happier life. Read more on the personal website of Dr. Baumgartner.

If you are looking to improve the brilliance of your smile dramatically, this is for you.

Restore the vitality of your teeth, gums, and surrounding bones. Give your oral health the improvement it deserves.

This is for you if you require more intensive dental treatment. Common procedures include implant and corrective jaw surgery, wisdom teeth removal and others.

All of those strengthen your teeth, polish your smile and provide years of valuable health benefits. Read more on the personal website of Dr. Kurt.

CBCT Services

Our CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) systems do not compare to traditional X-ray. CBCT provides crystal-clear imaging and analysis. Plus, it does not only expose you to small dose of radiation. Our quick and easy CBCT gives us the information we need to choose the best treatment plan possible.

Transfer form for a DVT or surgical procedure More info here

Intraoral Scanner

A revolutionary step forward in dental imaging, our intraoral scanners allow for incredibly precise 3D analysis. No filling mass is required. Rapid visual feedback allows patients to understand the details about their teeth and gums better.


Both me and my husband were given over to a larger implant supply. The intervention and the supply ran absolutely without problems. For years we are now happy with it and can only appear once a year to a check, always with the feedback: everything’s perfect.

When I enter the office, I always feel very comfortable in these bright, tastefully furnished rooms. The reception is always very friendly, the whole team is very attentive and competent; Every question will be answered promptly, and all the staff will make every effort to make your stay as pleasant as possible. I am especially happy with the result of the efforts of Dr. Kurt; For me the top work is at the highest level.

Mrs. Murer Romy, Beckenried, Schweiz
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Zahnarztpraxis in Luzern – Where else?

Widely considered to be the primary hub of culture and industry in central Switzerland, Luzern is home to a fascinating mix of “old” and “new.” It features beautiful vistas and a charming Old Town. Moreover, our dental office is located right in the middle of it.

With a myriad of cultural performances, museums, and events, Luzern remains a “must-see” destination for Europeans as well as travelers from around the globe. Next to the city´s attractions many of our out-of-town patients consider the outstanding reputation of our dental office to be compelling reasons to travel here for their dental work.